Here are some general steps you can follow to create a Google Mockup Ad:

  • Choose a mockup generator tool

There are many online tools available that can help you create a Google Ads mockup, such as Smartmockups, AdParlor, AdEspresso, Placeit, or Canva.

  • Choose the ad format and size

Decide on the size you want to create a mockup for. Standard ad formats include display ads, search ads, and video ads.

  • Customize the ad design

Customize the design of your mockup using the tool’s features. To see what works best, you can experiment with images, colours, fonts, and ad copy.

  • Preview the mockup

Once you’ve customized the design, preview it to see how it looks on different devices, such as desktops and mobile devices. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the ad looks good on all devices.

  • Save and share the mockup

Once you’re happy with your mockup, save it and share it with others, such as clients or stakeholders, to get feedback.

Remember that a Google Ads mockup is just a preview and doesn’t represent the final version of your ad. It’s a valuable tool for testing different design elements and getting feedback, but you’ll still need to create and launch the ad campaign on the Google Ads platform.

What is Google Ads Mockup?

A Google Ads mockup is a visual representation of what your Google Ads campaign would look like when it’s life on the Google Ads platform. It’s a preview of your ad that you may build before beginning the campaign.

Making a mockup might be helpful for various reasons. It lets you see how your ad will look in several formats and sizes, such as on desktop and mobile devices. Before finalizing your campaign, you can experiment with different ad copy, images, and calls to action to see what works best.

Mockups can also help present your campaign to others, such as clients or stakeholders. They can provide a clear visual representation of your ad and help to communicate your ideas and strategies more effectively.

There are several online tools available that you can use to create Google Ads, which can range from simple ad previews to more detailed and customizable mockups that allow you to experiment with different design elements and formats.

You Can Generate With The Tools

There are various Google Ads mockup generator tools accessible online that you can use to build mockups of your Google AdWords campaigns. Here are some options:

  • Smartmockups

Smartmockups is a powerful mockup-generating application that allows you to build Google Adwords mockups and other marketing materials. It offers a selection of pre-made themes and modification possibilities to create professional-looking mockups.

  • AdParlor

AdParlor is another excellent Google AdWords mockup generator that enables you to generate and preview ads in various forms and sizes. It also includes advanced targeting choices and optimization tools to help you make the most of your campaigns.

  • AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a comprehensive marketing solution that contains a Google AdWords mockup generator and other capabilities such as ad optimization and statistics. It offers a choice of templates and customization tools to produce successful and visually appealing adverts.

  • Placeit

Placeit is a user-friendly mockup generator that offers a selection of Google AdWords mockup themes. It allows you to modify your mockups with your logo and content and offers several other design elements to make your advertising stand out.

  • Canva

Canva is a popular design tool that offers a selection of templates and customization possibilities for Google AdWords mockups. It allows you to generate advertising in various styles and sizes and includes multiple design elements to make your ads aesthetically appealing and effective.

Final Verdict 

A Google Ads mockup shows how your advertising campaign might appear when active on the Google Ads platform. Before launching your campaign, it enables you to test various ad formats, designs, and messages. It can also help you clearly explain your concepts and tactics to clients or stakeholders. You can quickly generate and tweak your ad mockups, evaluate them on various devices, and make any necessary revisions before starting your campaign using a mockup-generating tool. In the end, a Google AdWords mockup is a valuable tool that can aid in the development of more prosperous and eye-catching ad campaigns.